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Mike Nager

Industry 4.0 Consulting for
Industry and Education


Your resource for quickly learning about Smart Manufacturing, through consulting, workshops, keynotes, and the written word.


20+ years of experience in automation and control of industrial processes. Now helping corporate and educational clients understand and act upon the power of Industry 4.0.

Event Services

Need a Keynote Speaker to talk about Smart Manufacturing and Education? Or run a workshop? Or brainstorm new product ideas?

Mike Nager presents NV Economic Development Forum
Mike Nager presents NV Economic Development Forum


I have visited more than 500 manufacturing plants of all different types and have written best-selling Amazon books on various aspects of Smart Manufacturing. Let me share my experiences with your team!

Mike Nager in Who's Who in Industry 4.0

And I have been recognized for multiple years by different organizations for being a Top Influencer in Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing!


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